We Make Music is a brand new, original, teaching resource.

Priced at just £1.50 per download!

The songs have been written to include curricular key words and concepts to be taught in class in a fun and interactive way.

Many of the songs also provide creative and easy assembly ideas.

The music has been broadly sorted into age related groups, but would also suit older, younger and SEN children according to their needs.

The songs can be adapted easily to develop and enhance the following skill sets

Observational Skills
Turn Taking
Following Instructions
Language Development
Listening skills
Motor Skills

We have deliberately made We Make Music cost effective at £1.50 per download and easy to access song by song.

Have fun with the music!

Why buy from We Make Music?

  1. All songs are targeted towards specific learning goals
  2. All songs come with lyric sheets and some activity ideas
  3. Assembly songs will have backing tracks
  4. We donate a percentage of our annual profits to Rosie's Rainbow Fund